Tank coatings

Tank coatings are used for internal and external surfaces of tanks, meant to store various materials such as drinking water, high-concentration acidic and alkaline chemicals, aircraft fuel, and solvents. Steel storage tanks are used to store fluids such as crude oil, intermediate and refined products, gas, chemicals, waste materials, aqueous mixtures, and water. Corrosion is the main cause of damage to steel storage tanks and their accessories. Therefore, it is very important to control and prevent tank corrosion in order to reduce maintenance costs and increase safety. One of the most effective ways to prevent tank corrosion is to apply a suitable coating.
NikSarang tank linings can be used for the long-term transport and storage of a wide range of corrosive chemicals, submarine tanks, pipe liners, underground pipes, fire service lines, and drilling tanks. Moreover, these covers are applicable for containers storing heavy chemicals at high temperatures.

Coatings and special paints developed for tanks by NikSarang Company have undergone detailed tests to meet the strictest requirements. Therefore, for each type of tank, a system has been designed according to its characteristics and needs, and are proposed by the company’s experts