Pipe coating

Paint is used in piping systems to protect steel pipes against corrosion caused by contact with fluids or corrosive environments. Corrosion protection coatings on pipes and other components of pipeline systems are low-cost and affordable materials protecting systems from corrosion. Pipe coating is very important in order to keep pipes safe from external effects such as corrosion by air or humidity and to protect them from external pollutants such as chemicals and toxic substances. This coating protects pipes from corrosion during the transfer of oil, gas, water, and other strong fluids, which also affects their durability and strength, and reduces maintenance costs of piping systems.

NikSarang’s corrosion protection coatings are used to protect steel pipes in oil, gas, and petrochemical condensate transmission lines. These coatings have been provided in the research and development unit of NikSarang Industrial Coatings Company using standards and technical knowledge by specialists of this company leading to improving the performance of transmission pipes.