Corrosion protection coatings

NikSarang’s corrosion protection coatings are formulated according to the latest technical knowledge of the paint industry. These coatings are used to protect surfaces in industrial, chemical, and marine environments, and are used as a primer and intermediate layer in coating systems. The presence of galvanic and inhibiting pigments in some of these coatings lead them to be used as anti-corrosion primers. Corrosion protection coatings of NikSarang Industrial Coatings Company have been developed in the research and development unit using current standards of the paint industry and technical knowledge of specialists.

Application of these coatings on metal and concrete surfaces in urban, industrial, and marine environments, drilling platforms and facilities, equipment in contact with water, external parts of storage tanks, pipelines and refineries, power plants and chemical factories, metal structures, pipes, bridges, and marine facilities.
Features of corrosion protection coatings: